Lone Star Kayak Series Returns in April

April 20th will mark the first event of the Lone Star Kayak Series second year.  This Galveston based redfish kayak tournament is a great way to get involved in a low entry fee tournament against other Texas kayak anglers.  Whether you are a seasoned angler or just getting started, this tournament has a little something for everyone.  Tournament director Dustin Koreba (EZ-E on TKF) does a great job putting on a quality tournament that is affordable, competitive, and rewarding in more ways than just money and prizes.  With the help of a star studded cast of TKF celebrities lending their help and expertise the tournament is second to none.

The weigh in located in Hitchcock, TX at Louis Bait Camp is a great place to meet and mingle with TKF members that you probably only know through avatar or screen name.  Anglers will spend hours at the weigh in enjoying a cold beverage, sharing their best fishing stories, and meeting other kayak enthusiasts.  Prior to the first event last year I had only met about 3 TKF members even though I communicated with several of them on a weekly basis through the forum.  By the time the last event rolled around on October 6, 2012 I had met dozens of members and have even been on a few fishing trips with some.

The knowledge you gain during a tournament is one of a kind.  It forces you to get out of your comfort zone and try new waters and tactics in order to find fish that are few pounds heavier than normal.  After finishing 19th with a total weight of 7.48 lbs at the 2nd event I decided that my favorite little redfish marsh was not going to produce any tournament contenders.  The two locations I fished during the 3rd and 4th event of the tournament were places that I discovered after the 2nd event.  I only increased my weight by 1.32 pounds from the 2nd to 3rd event but had a 3.2 pound jump from the 3rd to 4th event with a PR of 12 pounds even.  If not for that 19th place finish at the 2nd event I may have never left my safe little marsh to search for bigger and better fish.

Like most tournaments, cash, fishing gear, and trophies are distributed to the top anglers.  The difference between this tournament and most others is that cash payouts are awarded to the top 25% of the field.  (For example: If 50 anglers enter, 13 will win cash and prizes.)  The goal behind the payout is to pay as many places as much money as possible.  However, cash is only part of your prize package if you place.  There are thousands of dollars in prizes given away at each event.  With sponsors such as American Rodsmiths, Yeti Coolers, Bass Assassin, and yak-gear.com to name a few, you have a good chance to win some great fishing gear.  You can also win a prize package by having the closest redfish to 21 inches without going over (Blackjack) and for caching the redfish with the most spots. Points are awarded at each tournament according to how you finish and at the 4th event an angler of the year is crowned.  This lucky person takes home thousands of dollars in cash and prizes including a brand new Malibu Kayak Stealth 14.  Last years winner was Chad Lyden (Bigun on TKF).

For all information, rules, and future tournament dates please visit http://www.lonestarkayakseries.com.  Registration is currently open and cost is $65.00 per event.  Don’t be afraid to come out and meet some new people and have a great time.

LSKS #4 with 12 lbs. and 5th Place

LSKS #4 with 12 lbs. and 5th Place

LSKS #4 Winners Board

LSKS #4 Winners Board

LSKS Prize Package

LSKS Prize Package



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2 thoughts on “Lone Star Kayak Series Returns in April

  1. Great job on the blog Im still debating whether or not to enter the LSKS. I’ve on been kayak fishing for about 6 months and finding reds have been a little tough but getting better, so I’m trying to decide this year or next.

    • Thanks for the comment. It’s taken me a while but I’m starting to feel pretty good about the site. If you decide not to enter the tournament this year you should at least come down to Louis for the weigh in. There’s always around 40 or 50 TKF members hanging around. It’s a great time to meet a few fishermen since you are pretty new to kayaking. One thing to keep in mind is that on average about 8-9 lbs. would put you in the money last year. So if you know a place you can catch two 24-25 inch fish you’ll have a shot.

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