Return To Pierce Marsh 5-14-13

3 Reds 5-14-13


I took the day off of work to make a return trip to Pierce Marsh.  My wife’s birthday is this Saturday and we are still a little short on meat for the fish fry.  I checked the tides the night before and they couldn’t have been any better.  Low tide was going to bottom out around the same time the sun was coming up and then quickly rise a foot by noon.


Pierce Tides 5-14-13


The tide was a few inches higher than it was during last weeks trip which was fine by me because that meant I wouldn’t have to walk through mud again.  Once I entered the marsh I only had to paddle about 1/4 mile in before I saw small inch long baitfish scattering in every direction with small pods of reds and singles busting through them.  There were thousands of little baitfish in this small lake and getting a fish to take my lure turned out to be pretty difficult.  I finally threw a Chicken Boy Shrimp (Chicken on a Chain) in the middle of one of the pods and had my first fish at 23″.  There were about half a dozen other small pods  that just kept on moving by with no interest in my lure.  I decided to switch over to one of the new Beastie Buggs (New Penny) to try and better match the size of the baitfish and immediately caught an 18 inch red.  After catching that fish the rest of them seemed to keep on moving towards the bay.  I decided not to chase them and headed back to one of the spots that had produced for me the week before.  I arrived at one of the small drains to find the same activity on the shallow flats around it as I did in the front lake.  Thousands of tiny baitfish scattering with lots of singles running through the middle of them.  I had the same trouble here as I did at the front.  There were so many baitfish that my lure had a hard time competing for a bite.  I decided to focus on the deeper drain with a Midcoast Inticer Popping Cork rigged with a 1/16th ounce jig head and a Gulp Pogy (Cigar Minnow).  It took about 15 minutes but I finally caught a 25 1/2″ red and decided to move on to drain #2.  I arrived at the next drain and decided to stick with the popping cork.  After about three casts I noticed some birds hovering over the water about a two hundred yards off and decided to chase them down.  I caught a small 21″ red from under the birds on a Pearl White Gulp Shrimp and they scattered.  I had my limit and decided to start heading in.  I pulled over to one of the small islands and hopped out to put on some sun screen before I started the long paddle in.  As I was getting the sun screen out of the center hatch a heard popping noises in front of me and looked up to see another pod of reds about 15 yards out swimming by.  I quickly grabbed the closest rod to me and made a cast out in front of them.  I hooked up as soon as the gulp shrimp hit the water and upgraded the 21 to another 25 1/2″ fish.  I finished putting on my sun screen and headed home.  It was another fun day in the marsh.

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3 thoughts on “Return To Pierce Marsh 5-14-13

  1. Ethan

    I was in pierce marsh the same day and came out with nothing. Got in at seven left around 11 I’ve been watching your videos over and over to find something I’m not doing. I just bought my kayak and only been to the marsh twice but I don’t see how your doing it.

    • Sorry about the bad luck. I’m actually working on a pretty detailed post about how I go about fishing in the marsh. I had a few e-mails and PMs that kinda made me think about writing it all down. It’ll probably be a few days before I get it finished but when I do I’ll post it up so watch for it. Hopefully it will help out some.

      • Ethan

        Well thanks in advance. A video about it would be pretty sweet to shower different tackle used and when to use it…. Also tips on what to look for and how to utilize a kayak in the marsh for what you do.

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