Pierce Marsh One More Time (With My Sister)

Tammi Red

I made what will probably be my last trip to Pierce Marsh for a while and took my little sister along with me for her first fishing trip in a kayak.  We woke up at 4 am, threw the Cudas in the back of the truck, and headed down to Hitchcock.  We launched shortly after 5  am into some less than desirable winds and headed to an area that has been producing well over the past few weeks.  On our paddle out I spent some time discussing the different signs we would be looking for to find the fish and how she would need to cast at them once they were spotted.  We weren’t too far in when I spotted the first pod of the day roaming through the middle of a small lake.  I tried pointing out to her the slight ripple they were causing on the surface of the water but she was having trouble seeing it.  The pod was nearly by us by the time she spotted them so instead of letting them pass I took a shot at them and picked up a 23″ red on a Chicken Boy 4″ Shrimp (Morning Glory) on a 1/16th ounce jighead.  While I was reeling that fish in my sister hooked into her own red only to have it get off after a short fight.  We kept moving and saw about a dozen birds working a shoreline about a hundred yards off.  They were moving quick and we were having to paddle into the wind to catch up with them.  We wern’t  making much ground so I told her to step out of the kayak  and onto the shoreline they were moving down so that we could walk instead of paddle.  By the time we caught up with them we had run out of island and they were out of her casting range.  I threw into the middle of them and hooked a 21″ red on the same chicken boy.  After landing that fish we looked out in front of us to see a half a dozen groups of birds working over pods in one of the larger lakes.  We quickly made our way back to the kayaks and spent the rest of the day chasing the birds around.  My sister finally hooked into a nice 27 1/2″ red from under the birds using a Chicken Boy Thunder Tail Mullet (Chicken on a Chain) on a 1/16th ounce jighead.  We chased the birds around for another hour but she was having trouble getting her lure in front of the pods.  We decided to rest for a bit at a small drain and throw the popping corks with gulp for a while before heading back in.  I caught a 15″ flounder and that was it for the day.  The bite was good from about 6 to 8ish and then slowed down a bit.  We had a good time on the water and my sister says that she’s going to work on casting with a little more accuracy before we make our next trip.  We made it home in time to clean the fish and get ready for my wifes birthday party.  9 reds that I had caught over the past week and a half fed about 25 people along with some french fries, hush puppies, and mac and cheese.  LSKS event #2 is June 1st so its time to switch gears and start pre fishing for heavier fish.

3 reds and a flounder

Fish Fry

5-18-13 Tide Chart

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