Inshore Informer LSKS Fantasy Fishing Challenge

The Inshore Informer has teamed up with the Lone Star Kayak Series to offer some fantasy fishing action. It’s free for anyone to enter and prizes will be awarded for 1st through 3rd place at each event along with 1st through 3rd to the Fantasy Angler of the Year.

Here’s how it works:

  • Pick the 5 anglers you think will finish the highest for the upcoming event (order doesn’t matter)
  • Guess the weight of the winning stringer in hundredths (this will serve as a tie breaker)
  • Submit your entry and wait for the final results

The final scores will be determined using the same scoring system that the LSKS uses for its anglers (Example – 1st place 100 points, 2nd place 99 points, 3rd place 98 points, and so on).  Each participant will then have the points earned by the anglers they chose added together and the person with the highest total points will be the winner of that event while the person with the highest total score from the three events combined will be crowned the Fantasy Angler of the Year.  You will need to submit your picks before each tournament and you do not have to fish the tournament to enter the Fantasy Fishing Challenge.

If you are unsure about which 5 anglers to choose, the inshore informer is offering some information on some of the top anglers from past events.  You can view this information and the prize packages by clicking  the links below.


Single Event Prizes:

Fantasy Angler of the Year Prize Packages

1st Place

2nd Place

 3rd Place

For complete rules and to enter the tournament be sure to click the link below.  Also, visit the Inshore Informer Website and like them on Facebook for lots of good fishing information.

Inshore Informer Fantasy Fishing Challenge

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