Freeport Reds (5-25-13)


Shawn, Ricky, and I took a trip to Freeport today to do a little prefishing for the upcoming LSKS tourney.  First we stopped off in Lake Jackson to help out with my schools outdoor ed field trip to the TPWD Sea Center.  Around 30 kids arrived at 9:00 am to fish the stocked ponds until 11.  A lot of the kids had never been fishing before and were catching redfish up to 34 inches as their first fish.  We walked around and helped net the fish and give a few pointers here and there.  At 11 am the kids were taken on a tour of the facility and we decided to grab lunch and try to catch our own fish.

We arrived at the launch around noon and set off in search of some fat tournament quality reds.  We paddled around looking for signs of fish but the strong winds, cloudy weather, and dirty water made it a bit difficult.  Shawn hooked up first with a nice red over shell and mud that quickly peeled off about 15 yards of drag before cutting him off on the shell.  A few minutes later Ricky spotted a couple of birds working a small pod of fish and hooked up with a 22 inch red using a Chicken Boy 4″ Shrimp.

Ricky 22 inch red

Ricky Release

While those two were dealing with their fish I decided to head off to a deeper drain I had spotted on google earth to try my luck.  I arrived at the drain and hooked up on my first cast as soon as my lure hit the water.  After a short fight I had landed  a nice 26 1/2″ red that weighed a nearly 7 lbs.  I was using a Midcoast Evolution Popping Cork with Gulp Shrimp (Molting).

Sonny 26.5 2

sonny release 2

After a quick photo I released that fish and made a few more cast into the same area with no luck.  While casting I watched the opposite wind blown shoreline and could see multiple blowups that were just out of reach.  I pulled my stake out stick and paddled into range and made a cast into the area.  About 10 seconds later my popping cork darts under and I have my second fish of the day on the line. I could tell this was a good fish because it was pulling drag fast.  After multiple runs and about a 5 minute fight I finally landed a nice 27 7/8″ red that weighed 8 lbs.

sonny 282

We took a few photos and then released this one as well in hopes of possibly finding it next week.  I hooked into a rat red a few minutes later but we decided to move on and explore other areas.  Ricky and I paddled around for a couple of miles checking on the different locations of shell and depth of the water but didn’t have any luck finding more fish.  Shawn stayed behind and caught a couple more rat reds but nothing with any size.  We decided to head back because the wind had started blowing even harder and we had a long paddle back to the truck.  On the way in I spotted a couple of birds working a pod and chased them down.  I pulled a 22 incher out with a 4″ Chicken Boy Shrimp (Morning Glory) and after a quick photo released it and caught back up with Shawn and Ricky.

Sonny 22

We made it back to the truck, loaded up, and headed home.  We stayed out from 12 to 5 and covered a lot of water exploring a lot of new areas catching a couple of good fish.  It was only a 2 tide day and it was outgoing the entire time.  All fish were CPR’d and we had a good time.

5-25-13 Freeport Tide

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2 thoughts on “Freeport Reds (5-25-13)

  1. Sounds like a good pre-tourney fish. Where’d you get that tide chart?

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