LSKS Prefish (5-30-13)

Sonny 27 plus red

Ricky and I took the day off of work to prefish for the LSKS this weekend. The wind has been blowing 20+ mph all week and it looks like we will get the same treatment on Saturday. Tides are really high right now because of the wind pushing all the water from gulf into the bays so it should be interesting to see what happens on Saturday.

We spent an hour at our first spot and didn’t really have a good feeling about it so we threw the kayaks in the truck and headed a few miles down the road. We decided to split up so that we could cover more ground and would meet up later to discuss what we had found. Ricky decided to go as far back as he could to see if they had pushed deep into the marsh while I stayed near the various drains around the different entrances. I decided to park on one of the islands that was under water because of the high tides and throw the popping cork with a Gulp pogy for a while. After about 15 minutes I had hooked up with my first fish and it was the perfect tournament fish. She was 27 15/16 inches long and weighed 8 pounds and 13 ounces on the digital scale. It’s too bad this fish came 2 days early.

27 plus tail

On the very next cast I hooked into a second fish after one chug of the cork. She peeled off about 15-20 yards of drag before I felt a small pop and my line went limp. I reeled my cork in and saw that my fluorocarbon had snapped. I suspect the previous fish must have banged it up a bit on the shell because I didn’t have the drag set very tight at all. We spent the next few hours exploring other areas with not much luck. We decided to call it a day around noon and headed back to the truck.  The majority of the fish were over a shell and mud mix in about 2 feet of water near drains and deeper channels.

We didn’t have much of a bite but the two that I hooked were good ones. If the right two bites come on Saturday then it could be an exciting day. Good luck to everyone in the tourney and see you at the weighin.

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