Pelican Icon 100X Angler Kayak First Look

Icon 100X Angler 1

About a month ago Tom Stubblefield (owner of was looking for someone to test out a kayak for Pelican International. I volunteered to test it out and write a review listing the pros and cons, accessories I would add, and overall how I felt it performed while on the water fishing. It was shipped from Atlanta and arrived a few days before LSKS Event #2 and I picked it up from Tom after the tournament. I haven’t had a chance to get out on the water with it yet but figured I would put up a few photos and give a quick description. Over the next few months I will have a chance to see how I really feel about this kayak and give it a proper review.

Length: 10′

Beam: 30.5″

Depth: 16″

Cockpit: Open

Weight: 52.5 lbs.

Max Capacity: 325 lbs.

Hull Material: Ram-X

Front Hatch: Quick Lock Hatch

Flush Mount Rod Holders: 2

Seat: Adjustable Padded Backrest With Seat Cushion

Foot Rest: Adjustable Footpegs

3Icon 100X Angler 4

Icon 100X Angler 6

Icon 100X Angler 2

Icon 100X Angler 5

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5 thoughts on “Pelican Icon 100X Angler Kayak First Look

  1. Dustin

    Any updates on this yak? I am looking at buying it in the next couple weeks.

    • Honestly, with kayaks you get what you pay for. I was supposed to write a review over this one but found out on my first trip that I did not fit in it. I’m 6’3″ and even with the foot pegs pushed all the way back I still had too much bend in my knees. I spent about 3-4 hours in the kayak and feel that I would not have been comfortable even if I could have straightened my legs. If you are looking for a kayak that is not too expensive I would suggest trying to find a used one made by one of the more reliable companies. I’ve seen some really good used kayaks for around $500 give or take a hundred bucks. Plus you can always offer a lower price in hopes that they will take it. I hope that helps some.

  2. Andy

    Hello, what are some more reliable brands of kayaks ? seen a couple reviews about the cheap paddle holder. Thanks for review Andy

    • Coachsmills

      I paddle a Jackson Kayak, but other more notable companies would be Wilderness Systems, Ocean Kayak, Hobie, and Native Watercraft. They are a lot alike in ways, but they each have their own little differences. I hope that helps some.

  3. Mike

    I recently purchased the Icon 100X Angler, and I love it. I am 6’3″, as well, and I find it comfortable. The paddle holder is basic, but it does the job. It tracks straight and is very dry and stable. I have not fished out of it, yet, but the layout of the rear rod-holders is convenient. The front swivel rod-holder might be too far forward, but that is yet to be tested. Plenty of storage room, but if I were to attempt to retrieve anything from front dry-storage, I will have to get on my knees and move to the front of the boat. I see that other models have the dry-storage behind the seat. Hope this helps.

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