Pods and Crawlers In Pierce


Yesterday morning I loaded up the kayak and decided to make a trip to Pierce as soon as basketball camp ended at 3:00. I made it to Hitchcock around 4:00 and launched into some rougher than anticipated winds and headed for the marsh. With the wind blowing as hard as it was the water looked like chocolate milk so I decided to make a quick stop and change out my baits for darker colors. I tied a 1/4 oz Beastie Bugg (Knight’s Watch) on one rod and a 4″ Chicken Boy Shrimp (Speckled Trout) on the other and continued on my way. As soon as I entered the marsh I started scanning the area for birds and could see a lot of single seagulls here and there hovering over the water. I decided to make my way towards them to see if they were doing what I thought they were.  I came to the first bird to discover that he was following a small pod of lower slot reds in about 2 feet of water which made them difficult to spot. I threw the chicken boy a little in front of the bird and quickly landed a 21″ red. The pod scattered so I made my way to the next bird to find the same thing. I made a cast a few feet in front of the bird and again ended up with another 21″ redfish. I saw a few other single birds that were obviously over more pods about 50 yards off but wanted to go a little deeper in the marsh to look for some larger reds in skinnier water. It wasn’t long before I spotted my fist crawler of the day. I spent a good 5 minutes just watching this fish instead of trying to cast at it. I took a few pictures with my iPhone but only one picture came out decent looking.


I finally decided to reach for my rod and must have made a little too much noise because it blew out and didn’t stop until it was a good 30 yards away. I kept moving around and spotted a few more crawlers. Most blew out when my lure hit the water and some I just watched until they went under and never surfaced again. I did manage to land one crawler on my Beastie Bugg in about 4 inches of water. There are few things that can compare to seeing an entire 26″ redfish slam your lure in water that skinny. After a solid fight with several strong runs I landed that fish, took a few pics, and sent it on it’s way.


At this point I decided to start making my way back to the truck which took me through the lake that had the pods in it earlier. There birds were still hovering and the pods were still around so I decided to make a slight detour for one last fish. I took both rods and cast them into the middle of the pod and had a double hook up. I landed the first fish without much trouble and a minute later had the second one as well. They were both 21 inches just like the two earlier in the day to no surprise.


It was nice to get back on the water after more than a 2 week absence. I ordered a new wide angle lens for my video camera the other day so it should be in soon. Hopefully over the next week or two I will be able to put together a video or two with some interesting footage.

muddy red

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5 thoughts on “Pods and Crawlers In Pierce

  1. The marsh is so fun.

  2. Gregg

    What’s your take on a two piece kayak like the pelican icon

    • Honestly, with kayaks you get what you pay for. I was supposed to write a review over the Pelican Icon 100x but found out on my first trip that I did not fit in it. I’m 6’3″ and even with the foot pegs pushed all the way back I still had too much bend in my knees. I spent about 3-4 hours in the kayak and feel that I would not have been comfortable even if I could have straightened my legs. If you are looking for a kayak that is not too expensive I would suggest trying to find a used one made by one of the more reliable companies. I’ve seen some really good used kayaks for around $500. I hope that helps some.

  3. C.E. Burgamy

    This is the kayak i wish to buy, due to my age 77 I need an ” H-BAR” Any thoughts? Charles

    • I haven’t really looked into kayaks with H bars but I know Jackson has a kayak similar to the Cuda called The Big Rig that has one. The problem with the big rig is that it weighs in at 92 lbs which could be difficult to load and unload and is pretty wide. I’m not sure how well it will paddle. A hobie pro angler might be worth looking into also. You can have an H bar installed on it and would have the ability to peddle instead of paddle but are a bit pricey. This video shows the hobie with the H bar. If you enjoy paddling over peddling then renting a big rig for a day might be worth a try. Hope that helps you some.

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