4th of July Marsh Trip


The wife and I decided we wanted to just hang out at the house and fry a little fish for the 4th this year instead of getting out and going somewhere. We didn’t have any fish in the freezer so Shawn and I decided to make a quick trip to Pierce this morning to pick up a few reds. We met at my house a little after 4:00 to try and beat the crowd on what I figured would be a busy day on the water. We launched just after 5:00 AM and made our way into the marsh in the dark. We arrived at our spot and didn’t have enough light so we posted up on a drain and cast into it for about 15 minutes. Shawn caught a 14 inch trout but that ended up being it. Once we had enough light we pushed a little further back and found a drain with some nice moving water and tons of baitfish scattering. We anchored up and worked the area but had trouble getting a bite with all the other bait present. I decided to move around a bit and Shawn stayed behind. The tides were running about 8 inches higher than predicted and the fish were pretty scattered. I made it to an area that had produced well for me on my last trip and could hear lots of bait being hit but couldn’t ever see anything. I quickly figured out that they were deep in the grass because of the higher tides. I stood up in my Cuda to get a better view and could see the reds working through the grass but couldn’t get my lure to come anywhere near touching the water without hanging up. I was about to move on to a different spot when one swam out of the grass within 5 feet of my yak. I dropped my chicken boy shrimp in his face and he jumped all over it. The fight was short since I only had about 5 feet of line out but it gave me a nice 23 inch red on the stringer. I worked the area a little more but all the fish stayed in the grass. I decides to go back and see if Shawn had any luck and found out he had finally coaxed a 21″ red into taking his lure which gave us two fish. We moved around a little more and I heard the familiar popping noise made by reds when they are podded up but couldn’t see anything. I stood up and saw that they were in the next lake over and just barely out of my casting range. I hopped out of the kayak onto the land separating the two lakes and got just close enough to deliver a cast a foot out in front of them. One twitch later I had my 2nd and last fish of the day that went 22 inches. By this time it was 9:30 and the incoming tide was dying off and the fish seemed like they were done feeding. We decided to head back to the truck and get off the water before it got too hot. Not a great day of fishing with the higher tides but we had a good time and caught plenty of fish to feed our two families.

On the way home I made a stop to pick a pack of the new Psycho Chicken Shad in color Texas Roach. These are some great looking shad baits and if they work half as well as the shrimp then I believe I may have found my new goto soft plastic baitfish imitation.



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