Bonefish Buggs

Bonefish Buggs 2

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of Buggs Lures. I started using their product two years ago shortly after I purchased my first kayak and discovered that redfish love shallow water. It may have taken me a month or two, but I quickly learned that when a lure lands softly, with little splash or noise, a redfish is less likely to blow out. While soft plastics on a 1/16th ounce jighead worked well, they still made more noise than I cared for.

My first glimpse at a Buggs came from a post someone started on They discussed using them as a sight casting lure for reds in the marsh and provided a few pictures of the lure and the fish it had caught. After visiting the Buggs website, I decided to order a few and give them a try. To make a long story short, from that day on I have rarely made a trip without a Bugg tied to at least one of my rods. I have used the double bunny jigs, curl-tail jigs, and beastie buggs with great results from each.

I recently received a shipment of Bonefish Jigs and I’m eager to try them out.  These lures come in four different styles, each available in either 1/16th or 3/16th ounce size, making them the smallest Buggs so far.  While designed for bonefish, these lures should work well on a really low tide when redfish are at their spookiest.  Sheepshead and Black Drum should also have no problem picking these lures up.  Within a month, I should have a full report on how these lures faired against Galveston area redfish.

For more information or to purchase your own Buggs you can visit their website at

Bitty Bugg (Blue Crab)

Bitty Bugg (Blue Crab)

Hot Head Bugg (New Penny)

Hot Head Bugg (New Penny)

Loco Bugg (Cotton Candy)

Loco Bugg (Cotton Candy)

Slider Bugg (Mahi)

Slider Bugg (Mahi)

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