Topwater Trout Fishing (August 8, 2013)


Of all the time I’ve spent fishing, I’ve never really targeted trout. When I started fishing the marsh I became completely obsessed with redfish and ended up with a little bit of tunnel vision. Now that I’ve figured redfish out for the most part, I’ve been wanting to spend some time learning the trout game. Yesterday I had the opportunity to do just that with Clint Barghi of Team Ocean Kayak.

We met up on the south shoreline of Galveston’s West Bay and launched into the dark. By the time we reached our fist spot we had enough light to get started. We anchored up, slipped out of the kayaks, and started wading an area where Clint has had success in the past. Clint hooked up with a nice 20″ trout on about his 10th cast using a Bass Assassin 5″ Shad (Red Shad), while I hooked into an 18 inch trout about 5 minutes later on the same bait. We spent the next 20 minutes working the area with no luck so we decided to try spot #2. After another 20 minutes with no fish we decided to paddle about a mile to another location. About halfway there we noticed slicks popping up all around us so we decided to stop and check them out.

Clint made a long cast with his topwater that happened to land about 5 feet in front of small pod of reds. After a few twitches and a couple missed blowups one of the reds got the lure in it’s mouth and Clint landed a nice 24″ red. We continued working the slicks from the kayak without much luck so we decided to get out and wade instead of fighting the wind. We threw soft plastics again with no luck and decided to switch to topwaters even though it was a little later in the day. It turns out that’s exactly what they wanted. We spent the next 2 hours from 9-11 catching 3 more reds and about 16 trout with lots of missed blowups.  We also had a few that came undone while bringing them in. After releasing the 10th fish we decided to string a few for dinner and ended the day keeping 7 trout and 1 red.  The trout ranged from 16 to 23 inches with only one dink.  The bite died around 11 and we had plenty of fish for dinner.  I threw a 4 inch Saltwater Skitterwalk (Blue Mullet) while Clint threw a Red/White topwater and I’m not sure of the brand.

I learned a lot about trout today and plan on splitting my time between them and reds in the marsh to learn even more.  My confidence in topwaters also rose after catching 2 reds and multiple trout. I plan to spend more time using one in the marsh for big redfish and not switching to a soft plastic so quickly.

I plan on hitting the water one more time before event #3 of the Lone Star Kayak Series.  I’m holding on to a 7 point lead for AOY honors which is better than I could’ve hoped for.  Hopefully the big reds don’t leave the marsh I’ve been fishing lately.



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3 thoughts on “Topwater Trout Fishing (August 8, 2013)

  1. mike

    As always, what a great article. Thanks for all the input and tips. These are a welcome read to those of us who don’t get a chance to wet a line as often as we would like.I will however be out off of Eagle Point in the morning, can’t wait! Tight lines!

  2. Billy Barrington

    Great blog. I love the way you go into the details of all your thoughts out there on the water. It helps me a lot. I did my first kayak fishing trip this week looking for Reds down in Redfish Bay. Had a little luck but have much to learn. Can’t wait til my next opportunity. I’ve read a lot of your articles and watched your youtube vids. Really appreciate your sharing of knowledge!

  3. Topwater fishing is great. It’s funny that it can work even later in the day. I always have one tied on. Thanks for sharing.

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