An Evening With Topwater Reds


I finally had a chance to get on the water this evening for the first time in a while. All teachers reported back to work a little over 2 weeks ago so my summer break has officially ended. My daughter spent some time with her Granny and PaPa this weekend so while my wife was off picking her up I decided to make an evening trip to explore Chocolate Bayou.

Of all the places I’ve fished between East Matagorda and Rollover Pass I have never taken the time to fish this area. After a couple of tips on a few areas to try from a friend I loaded up the kayak and made my way to the 2004 bridge. I launched a little after 4:00 pm and started exploring the area while fishing a little here and there. I spent the better part of the evening checking out different areas and trying a few spots without much luck. On my way back to the truck I finally found the fish feeding against a shoreline protected from the wind. The tides were high and the grass in this area extended a good 10 feet off the bank giving the reds plenty of cover to hide and hunt. I could hear and see them busting bait up and down this area but all action was deep in the grass. I started off throwing soft plastics at the edge of the grass with no takers. The reds were so deep that I decided to stakeout a foot off the grassline and throw a topwater parallel with the shore in hopes that I could get their attention and draw them out. I made a few bad casts that landed about 10 feet off the mark, before finally putting my lure down a foot off the grassline. I started walking it back in and after about 5 twitches a red shot out of the grass and smashed my MirrOlure She Dog. After a short fight I landed the fish for a quick pic and released it.


The key to drawing a strike was landing the lure within a few feet of the grass and keeping it that close the whole way in. I caught two more reds and had nearly a dozen other blowups that didn’t connect over the next hour before running out of daylight. I hate leaving when the fish are feeding like crazy but I was in an area that was new to me and I knew there would be lots of holiday boaters on their way in as well. I headed for the truck and made it back just as I ran out of daylight.  I’m glad MirrOlure makes their She Dogs pretty affordable.  They get beat up pretty quick.


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