1/4 oz Beasite Bugg (New Penny) Red


I made a quick trip to Pierce Marsh last Wednesday after getting out of a workshop a little earlier than I had anticipated.  I was hoping for low tides but the water was running nearly a 1/2 foot higher than predicted and didn’t seem to be moving much.  I didn’t have much luck until right around sun down.  I blew out half a dozen fish between 6 and 7 but they weren’t moving or feeding on anything.  About the time the sun went below the horizon the marsh seemed to come alive.  I could hear bait being busted along the grass lines and around each small point.  I hooked a couple of rat reds before finally hooking up with a nice 26 incher on the way back to the truck.  In the video below you can see the fish coming around the point right before I make my cast.  I had a 1/4 oz Beastie Bugg (New Penny) and the fish completely inhaled it before taking off.


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2 thoughts on “1/4 oz Beasite Bugg (New Penny) Red

  1. Mark

    How do you work the buggs lures?

    • I use the lighter ones (1/8 oz and 1/4 oz) primarily for sight casting. Get it out in front of the fish by a few feet and give it a couple of small twitches to imitate a fleeing shrimp. That normally does the trick. If they’re in really skinny water and acting spooky I’ll slowly drag it across the bottom as the fish approaches to create a little puff of smoke from the mud so that it imitates a moving crab or shrimp trying to borrow down in the mud. The 3/8 oz ones work well for blind casting into drains and deeper guts. I don’t flounder fish much but imagine they would work well considering they are pretty small and always sit hook up.

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