East Matagorda Camping Trip

East Matty Sunset

Myself and a group of 14 other TKFer’s made a trip down to East Matagorda this past weekend and camped out on the beach for 3 days and 2 nights of fishing and fun. Ricky, Aaron, and I met up at Buc-ee’s in Angleton for breakfast before making our way to Rawling’s for a quick morning trip. We had plans to meet up with the rest of the group at noon but wanted to find a few fish before heading further down the beach.


We launched at first light and made our way towards the bay. From there we split up with Ricky and I hitting the marsh while Aaron decided to head out to fish some deeper reefs. We each picked up a trout in the 19 inch range all around the same time in three different locations.




We all met back up after an hour to see how each other had done. From there, Aaron gave the marsh a try looking for reds while Ricky and I decided to chase some birds we saw working about a 1/4 mile away. We caught up with the birds and each of us hooked in to a red. Mine turned out to be 26 inches while Ricky’s was on the smaller side at 21 inches.

Sonny 26 Red

After our paddle to catch the birds we decided to head over to a drain and take a break and give it a try. We had each picked up a trout and red which left us a flounder short of a slam. After about 5 minutes in the drain, Ricky got that small thump and landed a nice 18 inch flounder to complete his first Texas Slam. 5 cast later he hooked up with a nice 26 inch red as well.

Ricky flounder

Ricky Red

We fished for another 10 minutes without another bite and decided to head back in, load up the trucks, and meet up with the others at noon as we all planned. Everyone arrived on time and after a few short conversations we all headed down the beach. The recent rains had the beach packed down pretty well, so making it to our spot was no trouble.

Beach Entrance


Beach Driving

Camp Entrance

We made it to camp, got everything set up, and Ricky and I decided to hit the water for an evening trip to explore the area. Everyone else decided to stick around camp instead of battling the 20 mph wind.


Camp 2

Ricky and I found a few reds in the marsh before heading out to chase the birds for a while. After a few pods of reds and a few with trout we headed back to camp for a little dinner and hanging around the fire before going to bed at a descent hour.

Red Eating 1

Ricky Fighting a Red

Ricky Landing a Red

Working the birds

Measuring my red


Camp 3



We woke up Saturday morning at first light with all 15 of us heading off in various directions. Winds were down slightly from the previous day to 15 mph and we all had high hopes of catching big fish and bringing in heavy stringers after the success Ricky and I had the day before. We had all decided to have a lures tournament on Saturday that would run from dawn till dusk consisting of the heaviest stringer made up of 3 trout, 2 reds, and 1 flounder. The fish must have gotten wind of our tournament plans because they were almost nonexistent the entire day. Charlie won the lures tournament with a small trout and 2 reds that went 21 and 27 inches. Dustin was a close 2nd with 3 trout. The rest of us had a fish or two but nothing more. We spent Saturday night around the fire with plans of waking up Sunday morning to give it another try the next day.

Robert and Rex

Dustin, Scott, and Charlie


Tombo 2

We woke up Sunday morning to really high tides and a storm off in the distance and heading our way. We tried breaking down camp but were not quick enough. We all got drenched for the next 45 minutes before finally getting everything loaded in the trucks.


After the rain we all decided to load up and head home instead of getting a morning trip in. Despite the uncooperative fish on Saturday and getting rained on Sunday, a good time was had by all. The majority of the time we all spend together is done at the LSKS weighin for an hour or two a few times a year. It was nice to hang out with everyone outside of the tournament setting and spend time fishing with instead of against each other. We plan on doing this trip again next year and hopefully a few friends that were unable to attend this time will be able to make it next year. The hard part will be choosing the next location.


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