Kayak Angler Choice Awards 2013

The Kayak Angler Choice Awards has now reached it’s final round of voting after being open for the past 2 weeks.  The voting process, which is open for 3 weeks, started with 30 nominees in each category has been narrowed down just 5 remaining with one week to go.  I have two friends that have made the final cut in two different categories along with my favorite forum, Texas Kayka Fisherman, in another.  If you have a couple minutes, please vote for them at:


Tino Mendietta – KACA Angler of the Year

Tino Mendietta is up for KACA’s 2013 Angler of the Year award.  This is probably the most prestigious category in the KACA Choice Awards and Tino would definitely deserve the title.  Check out his video below of him hooking into a giant Texas tarpon in his kayak.

Robert Field – KACA Video of the Year

Robert Field is up for KACA’s 2013 Online Video of the Year titled: “Kayak Fishing: Offshore Trip Gone Wrong Part 2”. Robert does a great job with his editing and captured some great footage on this 3 part video he made while chasing kingfish and shark offshore.  The video is listed below.

Texas Kayak Fisherman – KACA Forum of the Year

Finally, Texas Kayak Fisherman is up for KACA’s 2013 Forum of the Year.  If your from Texas and you kayak fish, chances are you know about this forum.  Tom Stubblefield does a great job maintaining this site giving each of us a place to come together, share stories, and learn a thing or two from one another.

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