November Marsh Redfish Action (11-17-13)

Reds with Cuda

November is more than half over and I’ve only been on the water a handful of times over the past couple of months. One weekend in Matagorda for our camping trip and once with my wife just last weekend. I love fishing during the month of November and no one will ever be able to convince me that there’s a better month in the year to chase reds in the marsh. I finally found a little free time on Sunday to make a trip in hopes of getting a few reds for the freezer since it’s completely empty.

I left the house early and made my way towards Galveston with high hopes of having a good day of fishing. The rain predicted earlier in the week had disappeared from the radar and the temperature had climbed back into the 70s. Tides were running slightly higher than predicted but that was fine for the area I was fishing. It was going to fall hard from the time I launched until noon which is when I planned on heading home anyway. Wind was predicted between 15-20 mph but was only blowing around 10 mph which was a pleasant surprise for once. I launched just before 7 am leaving my waders in the truck and made my way into the marsh. The water was nice and clear (for Galveston standards) and my kayak was floating a good 5 inches above the shell I was gliding over. No sooner had I rounded the first point and headed down a small channel, I could hear the distinct popping sound of a pod of redfish feeding down a grassline. I located the pod and made up the distance between us in less than a minute and launched my first cast of the day. The cast couldn’t have been better as it landed out in front of and past the group by about 5 feet. The lure and the pod met up and I had a 23″ red on the stringer. The pod scattered so I pushed a little further into the marsh. Since the wind was low and at my back I decided to stand and pole around a bit. This was one of those days when the ability to stand was a big advantage. The marsh I fished was made up of a couple dozen really small lakes with lots of broken islands and narrow channels all over the place. I could hear reds crashing bait from a distance that I could not locate while sitting. Once standing, I was able to locate the pods or splashes and make my way towards them. I found my second fish this way and made my cast while standing. After a short fight I had a barely 20″ red that I released in hopes of finding something a little bigger. A few minutes later I saw another pod while standing and made my way towards them. They were moving down the grassline as well and I pulled a 23″ red from that pod that also went on the stringer. From there, I moved into one of the largest lakes and started fan casting a bit and nailed a 26 incher to get my limit.

26 inch red

I hooked up with a few more singles throughout the day, but that all came undone. I saw a few more pods but they didn’t really stay together long and chasing them down while dragging 14 lbs of fish made it difficult. I sight casted another red that went 23″ while standing and released him and decided to head back to the truck. The pods were eating what appeared to be very small baitfish or shimp that were only about a 1/2 inch to an inch long each. When I got home and cleaned the fish I inspected their stomachs and found a 12 inch sand eel in one and lots of tiny inch shrimp in the other two.  Thanksgiving break is next week and I’ll be off for 9 days in a row.  My goal is to hit the water as much as possible before the reds clear out out of the marshes for the winter and I start looking for big winter trout.

I had my Playsport running during this trip but I think it’s starting to go out. Some of the footage was alright but most came out pretty fuzzy and it kept shutting off for no reason. At some point I’m going to have to get with the times and purchase a fancy new camera to film my trips with. Until next time, thanks for reading and tight lines.

Reds on a Stringer FX

3 reds FX

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One thought on “November Marsh Redfish Action (11-17-13)

  1. Billy Barrington

    Those are some awesome…surreal looking pictures. Thanks for the story, I can almost smell the marsh air reading it!

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