Every Other Cast (12-14-13)

Limit of Trout Inst

I made a quick trip to the coast this morning with high hopes of catching a limit of trout before the winds picked up around noon.  I saw a small window of opportunity and figured I’d better take advantage of it with winter weather being so unpredictable from week to week.  It had been too long since my last trip and I was itching to go.

I woke up around 5:45 and pulled out of the driveway around 6:15.  I reached the launch as daylight started to show itself and started unloading my gear.  A man that had just launched his boat made a comment that I only had a small window of opportunity before the winds were going to get pretty rough and he was right.  I told him that I was just going around the corner and that I could hopefully get my limit before the winds shifted from out of the north and picked up to 20+ mph.  We wished each other luck and headed off in opposite directions.

The spot I planned on fishing was only a quarter mile paddle to reach, with an additional mile or so to drift and cast to locate the fish.  As I approached the area, I made a cast with my pink Corky and waited 5 seconds between each twitch.  On about the third twitch I had a pretty solid thump, but no hook up.  I made another cast into the same area with the same twitch to pause sequence and was rewarded with my first trout of the day.  I decided to drop anchor at this point since I had two hits in as many casts and see if this spot would produce a couple fish.  For the next hour and twenty minutes it was non stop action on just about every other cast with lots of missed strikes mixed in. While my corky was getting a lot of attention, I would have several missed strikes before finally hooking up.  I picked up another couple trout and even a redfish with the Corky before noticing that I was missing the front hook.

Corky Redfish


Instead of taking the time to tie on another one, I decided to throw a Texas Tackle Factory Trout Killer in plum/white on a 1/8th ounce jighead to see if I could achieve a better hookup ratio.

Trout Killer

The trout killer ended up being a better bait on this day.  Temperatures over night didn’t get that low and had already reached the mid 50s at this point so the fish weren’t near as lathargic as I thought they might be.  I spent right at an hour and 20 minutes sitting in the same spot, catching around 40 fish.  Thirty of them were between 15 and 17 inches so I let them go but kept a limit of 18-22 inchers. All fish were holding in 4 feet of water with a mud and scattered shell bottom picking up the lure as it fell.  After stringing my 10th fish I decided to head home and get cleaned up.  Part of me wanted to drift further down in hopes of finding a big girl, however, I didn’t want to paddle around with 10 trout in tow.  I left them biting and headed back to the truck.

We started frying fish last year on Christmas day as an alternative to the turkey and dressing we eat so much of this time of year and really enjoyed it. These trout will make a great Christmas lunch for the family.

I also finished my first wrap last night and think it turned out alright.  I have a few blemishes that I’ll need to learn how to prevent before wrapping my actual blanks, but overall I’m happy with the way it turned out.

Finished Rod

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