Several Trout and Bonus Redfish

Grant and I had a chance to hit the water this past weekend in search of a few trout. I got lucky and received my new Shuna: Hooked from Werner Paddles the day before our trip which gave me the chance to test it out.

Werner - Shuna Hooked

The temperatures here in Texas have been much warmer over the last couple of days so we were really hoping to find actively feeding trout this afternoon. I arrived a few hours before Grant and launched from a different location a few miles north of where he would launch so that I could drift with the wind and check out some new water. The plan was to meet him up with him once he arrived and hitch a ride back to my truck once we finished. I wasn’t having much luck on my long drift so once he called to tell me he had launched I picked up the pace a little to meet him. We fished a small area where we’ve had luck before focusing on the edges of small reefs in 4-5 feet of water over mud and shell. The fish weren’t quiet as active as we’d hoped but we managed about 12 trout and 1 nice red between the two of us. I spent most of the day throwing two new lures that I hadn’t used before to see how they would perform. I started off throwing a MirrOlure Catch 5 with a black back and white belly and had plenty of solid bumps but only one hook up. I switched over to a Soft Dine with a red head/white body and immediately picked up a trout before breaking off shortly afterwards.



After watching Grant catch multiple trout on his Corky Fatboy I made the switch as well and started hooking up soon afterwards. Grant caught the big trout of the day which went a little over 24″ and I had the only redfish at a little over 26″.  We fished until the sun went down and then headed back to the trucks in the dark.


Sonny - 26 inch red

We each kept a few fish that were around 20 inches for dinner the next day.  I tried a new rub from a fish cookbook my wife had purchased me for Christmas and thought it came out pretty well.  Over the next few weeks I’ll try and post the recipe to the blog.  It was called Autumn Spice Herb Rub.


I really enjoyed my new paddle and can’t say enough good things about it. The total weight is only 27.75 ounces which makes it the lightest paddle I have ever owned. The blades are nice and stiff which allow me to use less strokes while covering more water on ling trips. They will also enable me to push through the thick marsh mud without fear of snapping them once summer rolls around.  I should get several good years of use out of this paddle before needing to purchase a new one.

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