The Spring Hatch Has Arrived

photo 1

With the warmer weather we’ve had lately, Jason Blackwell and I decided to explore a marsh that we’ve both had success in during the early part of spring. We took our time and launched a little after 7 throwing a few different topwaters to start the day. Jason threw the new MirrOlure Pro Dog while I decided to try a MirrOmullet and Strike Pro Hunchback. I didn’t really care for the MirrOmullet much but really liked the Hunchback. With the rod tip high, the hunchback puts off a nice wake with great movement. With the rod tip low it leaves less of a wake because it dives a 1/2″ below the surface. It’s not quiet time for the wake bait yet, but I can see the Hunchback being a deadly option in another month or two. We worked the edge of some shell pretty thoroughly in less than a foot of water for an hour or so before changing tactics. The fish weren’t shallow so we headed over to a few deeper drains where the water from the marsh emptied into the bay. We had a strong outgoing tide so we made the switch to popping corks and worked the deeper channels. We picked up our fish in about 4 feet of water while they were sitting in the deeper area picking off bait as it was being flushed out through the drain. Jason had the fish of the day with this thick 26.5″ red.

photo 2

I kept three for the freezer which means it’s catch and release for me over the next couple of months. I checked out the belly of each fish while cleaning them and found plenty of tiny shrimp which means the spring hatch took place not too long ago. This is a good sign for those of us who like fishing the marsh. When the shrimp return, so do the reds.

photo 4

photo 3

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