Leaving The Shell For A Little Mud (6-12-14)



My last couple of posts have been pretty long so I’ll keep this one kind of short.  I’ll give the details on how we found the fish and let the video do the rest.

After more than a week of tides running over a foot higher than predicted we had a small storm move in on Tuesday bringing with it some crazy wind.  Not only was it blowing around 20 mph, but it came out of the West for the majority of the day before switching over to the northwest for a little while.  This shift in wind leveled out the actual tides with the predicted tides so I decided to get away from the heavy shell and fish a little mud on a really low tide.  The shell had not been kind to me over the past couple of trips with three fish breaking me off so my topwaters were probably a little relieved to know that they wouldn’t be needed for this trip.  The goal was to be in the marsh before first light in order to maximize our fishing time.  During the summer I try to start my trips early and end them early due to the 95+ degree heat we get here in Texas.  Fishing from 6:00 to 11:00 gives me 5 good hours of fishing before things really heat up and the fishing slows down.

I met up with two friends at 5:15 and we launched right at 5:30.  We were in the marsh around 5:50 as first light began to show.  We had just enough water to float over the soft mud below our kayaks but still managed to hit a few low spots that required some poling or walking.  We had a strong incoming tide and the wind was blowing out of the south at about 15 mph pushing all of the water towards the back corner of the marsh.  We decided to follow the water because thats where the bait would be blown as well.  We knew if we found the bait we would find the reds and our prediction was right on the money.  The fish were stacked up at the very back of the marsh hanging out near the small islands as the water and bait were being funneled through them.  Most fish were not very active this morning but we convinced a few to eat.  The majority of the fish were just crawling through the shallow water against the wind protected shorelines or sitting in the deeper guts near the small islands.  All fish were caught on Chicken Boy Lures.  I started off throwing a Psycho Shad (Morning Glory) since the water was so dirty and picked up a few fish before switching over to the 4″ shrimp (White/Chartreuse) to see if a different color would work any better and picked up a few more.

The kayak will get a little rest this weekend since I’ll be meeting up with my Dad and Uncle tonight to start fishing a company tournament with them in the powerboat.  Tournament rules allow contestants to start fishing at midnight so we’re going to get an early start to try and pick up our reds over night before moving on to look for our trout at first light.  There are lots of categories in this tournament and we can choose to turn in a team stringer or individuals in order to maximize the prizes we can win.  There are also prizes for the biggest red, trout, and flounder so we’re looking to win all we can.


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