July Marsh Fishing

Photo Jul 14, 7 16 53 AM

Marsh action this July has been pretty hot over the last few weeks.  Lots of reds have fallen victim to the MirrOlure She Dog in about 2 feet of water along grass lines and in the middle of the open lakes.  Color hasn’t seemed to matter much but I’ve been sticking with bone and chrome She Dog.  During the week leading up to and after the full moon we’ve been having much better luck making trips in the evening.  The fish seem to be feeding the last few hours before the sun goes down and the last few hours before the sun comes up.  Most morning trips were a grind with a few pods being spotted at first light but disappearing shortly afterwards.  The more aggressive bite seem to be lining up perfectly with the major bites times which has made planning trips pretty easy.  Now that the moon isn’t so big and bright I’m hoping the morning bite will pick back up.  Below are a few pics I haven’t really posted along with a short video.

Photo Jul 12, 11 59 20 AM Photo Jul 10, 11 23 48 PM




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