Yag Angler Choice Awards Final Round

Round 3

First off, I’d like to say thanks to everyone who took the time to vote for my blog over the past couple of weeks.  Because of family, friends, and many of you that I have never even met, I have advanced to the final round of 5 which is awesome.  I spent a little time checking out some of the blogs that were nominated during round 1 and there are some great anglers out there with amazing blogs that are putting in a lot of time and effort to tell their stories and share their knowledge about kayak fishing.  I told myself that if I could make it into the top five that I would be thrilled and to be perfectly honest, I am.  So again, thanks to all of you that have taken time out of your day to cast your vote.

The polls are now open for the final round of voting at http://yakangler.com/choice

On a side note, I will be posting a report from this past weekends tournament (The Willie Wimmer Slam Jam) where I was fortunate enough to come in first.  I had a great time fishing with two friends who finished 2nd and 3rd allowing our little group to sweep the plaques.  I’ll have a full report and a video up later this evening.

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