Topwater Reds in December

Hunchback Red

So far this year we’ve had an exceptionally mild winter here in Texas making fishing during the months of November and December outstanding. The redfish are still following the same patterns they were during September and October with the exception of no big schools roaming the marsh.

I got a late start today and didn’t get to the launch until about 11 o’ clock.  I wasn’t going to be able to stay out to long but wanted to get a quick trip in to get me a redfish fix for the week.  The weatherman had predicted winds around 15-20 mph hour out of the SE today and for once he was right on the money.

I headed into the marsh and made two stops to fish a couple of deeper channels that had been holding fish during the last few trips but neither area produced any bites.  The tide had just bottomed out and the wind didn’t have enough east in it to create a good wind driven current so I left them and continued pushing deeper into the marsh.  The sun was directly overhead with very little cloud cover so I decided to focus my efforts on the shallow patches of mud and shell in hopes that the reds would be doing a little sun bathing.


After a short paddle to the far side of the lake I set up for a drift and grabbed my rod with the Strike Pro Hunchback.  I started fan casting the area by throwing along the edges of the shell or towards the small pot holes in the middle.  There were plenty of 3-5 inch mullet making low, fast jumps along the edges of the shell so anytime one of them went airborne I would cast in their direction.  It only took about 30 minutes to catch my limit with numerous blowups that missed along with plenty of fish that would follow my hunchback all the way to the kayak before turning away.  In the video below I had a decent little blow up that didn’t quiet connect with my lure.  I gave it a few twitches and pauses to make the fish think it had injured my bait and right before I made it back to the kayak he committed and took the bait.

It probably would have been a good day to throw the She Dog or She Pup for a slower more wounded appearance but the Hunchback was on and I didn’t feel like changing out.  With the lack of tide movement the fish seemed pretty lazy throughout the day.  While drifting across the lake I saw dozens of mud boils where I had spooked fish that had been soaking up the sun.


After my third fish I headed back to the truck, loaded up, and was on the road by 1:15.  It was a really quick trip but should hold me over until my Christmas break which starts this Friday around noon.  I’ll have a nice 2 week break from work to spend time with friends, family, and maybe even get a few fishing trips in.



Wind: 15-20 mph from the SE

Weather: Mid 70s with sunny skies.

Tides: Slack

Bottom: Mud & Shell

Depth: Elevated patches of shell that were a foot deep that were 2-3 feet deep around the edges

Lures: Strike Pro Hunchback (purple and yellow)

Rod: 6′ 9″ Hook Spit Pitch Fork

Reel: Shimano Citica

Kayak: Jackson Cuda 14

Paddle: 250 cm Werner Cyrpus: Hooked

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