James Lebowitz Memorial Sticker/Raffle Fundraiser


If there’s one thing I’ve learned about kayakers, its that we are a close knit group, always willing to help each other out.  Whether its donating gear, signing up for benefit tournaments, or volunteering our time, we are always keeping an eye out for an opportunity to lend a hand.  If you happen to be reading this, and are one of those people, then here’s a chance to make a few dollars go a long way for a good cause.

To put it briefly, Paul Lebowitz (editor of Kayak Fish Magazine) and his wife Susan lost their 18 year old son, James, earlier this year when he died unexpectedly of an aneurism.  During this time of tragedy, Paul and Susan selflessly thought of others by announcing through Facebook that their sons organs would be donated to those in need and that anyone needing help should contact them ASAP.  To read the full story about the people that were helped along with the special bond James and Paul shared, click the link below.  It’s worth the read.


A scholarship fund at Cal Poly Pomona has been set up in honor of James Lebowitz, where he was enrolled as a freshmen computer science major and enjoyed campus life.  Yak Gear, YakAttack, and Native Watercraft have teamed up to offer decals where all proceeds will go to the above mentioned scholarship.  You also have the option to donate an extra $10 at the time of purchase to enter a drawing for a Native Watersports Redfish 12′ Hidden Oak Camo Kayak.  To purchase your decal and/or enter the raffle for the kayak visit the link below.  My sticker is already on its way.


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