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  1. Tom

    Really enjoyed your site. My son came in from Tennessee last week and we went out on Kayaks near Sargent for a couple of days. I think I am hooked. If it is not to secret where is Pierce marsh? Just wondering, and good luck in the tournaments.

    • Thanks Tom. Pierce is definitely no secret. If driving to Galveston from Houston down I-45 it is a few miles before you go over the causeway bridge in Hitchcock. If you go to my “Kayak Launch Points” page here, and click the link it will open Google maps. On the left scroll down to the red pin called “West Bay” and click the launch site called “Louis Bait Camp. Pierce is directly south of the launch on the south side of the RR tracks.

  2. Anonymous

    Thanks for putting so much effort into this site! It has been a great tool to help me hook up on some great fish. I started kayak fishing a year ago in the marsh and can’t stop although now it’s a lot harder for me to go since I just moved up to Dallas for graduate school. Keep up the good work!

    oh yeah, I wanted to see if you had a video of the presentation you gave recently because I wasn’t able to be there.
    Fellow fisherman,
    Todd Webb,

    • Coachsmills

      Thanks Todd, I’m glad you’ve found some useful information on the site. As far as my presentation at the West Houston Kayak Club, it is scheduled for February 10th so I have not given it yet. I am going to try and have it recorded so that I can combine it with the powerpoint and the video clips I will be showing to create a video fro YouTube. Hopefully it all works out and I am able to upload it to YouTube. If all goes plans I will post it to my blog as well so keep an eye out for it. Good luck with grad school while in Dallas.

      • Todd Webb


        Any suggestions on a Jackson Kayak? I had a ride 115x for a couple years but had to sell it because I needed the money(poor college student). If you know of any used Jackson’s out there feel free to contact me.

      • Coachsmills

        Hey Todd, your best bet at finding a used Cuda might be the classified section on TKF. Not sure if you’ve see it, but there are always pretty good deals popping up on there.

  3. Miles Walthall

    Hello Sonny, I’m not a member of the West Houston kayak club but can I still come to the event, or is it for club members?

    • Coachsmills

      Miles, anyone is welcome to attend their meetings so you’re more than welcome to join. The meeting wills start at 7:00 and I’ll speak about 7:15 and it should last about an hour. I hope to see you there.

  4. Anonymous

    I enjoy the read, info and great photos. Thanks, a refreshing approach you’ve brought to our sport.


  5. cesar

    I recently found out about this website, i really like it, but i was wondering what general area you fish(i know galveston, but bit more specific). I fish christmas bay alot, but i’d like to go to other places.

    • Coachsmills

      I don’t really have general area that I fish. I like to move around a lot and fish anywhere between Sabine and East Matagorda. Sabine, East Galveston Bay, West Galveston Bay, Christmas, Freeport, East Matagorda all have places I like to fish. Looking at the same old marsh each trip is a little boring if you ask me so I try and stay on the move.

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