Cheap Camera Setup


Materials Needed:


Milk Crate

5 Feet of 1 1/2″ PVC

1 1/2″ PVC Cap

Camera Tripod

Zip Ties

2 Pipe/Hose Clamps




Take the 5 feet of 1 1/2″ PVC and connect it to the milk crate using the pipe/hose clamps and zip ties.  I used more than necessary to make sure the pipe was as sturdy as possible.




Next, take the PVC cap and drill a hole in the middle of it.




Next, take the camera tripod and remove the tripod head and throw away the rest.




There is a small bolt in the bottom of the tripod head that will need to be removed.  This is how the tripod head will be connected to the PVC cap.






Once this has been done you can connect your camera to the tripod head.




You can now place the PVC cap with the camera connected onto the milk crate and figure out how much of the 5 foot PVC pipe you will need to trim down.  This will require you to trim down a few inches at a time to find the right angle you want to film from.  If the camera is too high above your head then you will not be able to see too far in front of you.  However, if it gets too low then you will only be able to see the back of your head and shoulders.




Once you get your PVC pipe the right length you are ready to film.  While sitting in the Cuda’s hi/low seat I can easily reach back and turn the camera on and off.  This allows me to save some battery life and memory card space while moving around.  I also added a couple of extra rod holders to keep my two spare rods in.  Keeping rods here instead of the flush mount rod holders gives me a little more freedom when casting.  You will also need to invest in a wide angle lens for your camera.  If not, the footage you film will only show you and not much of your surroundings.




The end result is an over the shoulder view that captures everything in front of you along with the majority of whats on your left and right.



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