Redfish Livewell

Items Not Pictured:

Laundry Basket
Zip Ties
Box Cutter

Choose a location for the bubbler. I chose to screw mine into the center of the lid since it is the double bubbler.



Drill a hole on both sides of the cooler.



Run each hose through it’s hole and trim it to the length you need before connecting to the air stones.


Attach the brackets from the aerator to the back of the cooler and seal with Marine Epoxy to prevent leaking.



Drill a hole in the side of the cooler where the lid meets the cooler on the side you plan to have the aerator on. This will allow you to close the cooler without pinching the chord.



Cut the laundry basket so that you have two identical sides. These will serve as the dividers to help keep your fish separated and upright.


Screw the two pieces of laundry basket into the side of the cooler and seal with marine epoxy to prevent leaking.


Connect the two pieces of laundry basket together in the middle with the zip ties and place the aerator and hose in the cooler. You will have to trim the aerator hose in order for it to be a desirable length.


Connect to a 12 volt deer feeder battery and your livewell is now up and running.


3 thoughts on “Redfish Livewell

  1. Michael Yarborough

    Do you carry this in your kayak? Seems like a 100 qt ice chest 1/2 full of water would be a lot of weight to paddle around.

    • Coachsmills

      No, my livewell stays in the cab of my truck until I return to the launch. I don’t know how much weight a 100 qt cooler with water would add, but I don’t want to find out lol. Redfish are extremely tough when it comes to surviving. You can string them, and pull them around for most of the day and they’ll be as feisty as when you caught them once you get back to the truck. Especially in the cooler months. The August event can be difficult on occasion but I don’t think I’ve lost a fish during it yet.

      • Anonymous

        100 quarts = 25 gallons, 1 gallon = 8 lbs, I would estimate the cooler would be half full so 12.5 gallons x 8 = 100 lbs.

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