My Kayak

Viking Profish Reload


Maker: Viking


Model: Profish Reload


Year: 2016


Length: 14′ 9″


Width: 30″


Weight: 68 lbs.


Carrying Capacity: 440 lbs.


MSRP: $1,479



10 thoughts on “My Kayak

  1. ,Mike

    Does the Cuda come with this seat or did you have to purchase it seperatly?

    • When I bought my cuda a little over a year ago it came with the seat, scupper plugs, and flag. When one of my friends bought his about a month ago it came with the chair, 2 rocket launchers, a flag, rod holder, and gopro mount. I’m assuming since his is the 2nd generation model that it comes with these things now.

  2. mike

    Thank you for the info. This will be my first kayak. Thank goodness for the internet, it sure makes it easier to research before you make a major purchase mistake! I plan to fish mostly up around mcullen park and the rest of that bay system since it’s close to my house. I have waded there and on up to the HL&P spillway. have also waded the wildlife refuge but you are so limited as to where you can fish without a boat. My daughter & son n law live in Dickinson so i’m sure i’ll be fishing that area now since i’ll have a place to stay when i’m there. How well does this Yak launch at the surf? Also would you recommend a 14′ or 12′ since it will be my first rig? Thank you for all your help!

    • With the 12 you will give up a little speed and tracking but gain some maneuverability and it will weigh a little less which makes it easier to transport. The 12 is kind of an all around kayak for everything from ponds and rivers to big lakes and inshore. I’ve never taken mine out in the surf but know a guy that does. Here is one of his reports with a few pictures.

      Also, here is a video about the 12 that may be useful.

      I like my 14 but have not been in the 12. I only fish saltwater and paddle several miles for most trips so I think the 14 is right for me.

      I hope that helps some.

  3. Kenneth Yarborough

    I am looking to upgrade and I ma leaning heavily toward the Cuda 14. One thing that I am not clear on is how stable it is when fishing from a standing position. I have seen the videos of Drew standing in one but I am pretty sure he could stand and fish from a broom handle. Do you stand in your Cuda much and if so do you have any issue?

    • Coachsmills

      Ha ha. Drew is a pretty small guy and has amazing balance in a kayak. I’m 6’3″ and 210 lbs. and I am up and down all the time. Obviously the ability to stand in a kayak differs from person to person but I’ve been able to do it from day one. The video below shows me casting and fighting fish from the standing position if you’d like to see how it does. You’ll also see me stand and sit a few times with the rod in my hand. The Cuda comes with a stand assist strap that I used for a month before removing because I didn’t really need it. Let me know if you have any other questions.

      • Kenneth Yarborough


        I was finally able to swing the cash to purchase a “new to me” 2014 Cuda 14 and plan to take it on our maiden voyage on Saturday. Thanks for the articles, TKF posts and videos that helped me make the decision to pony up the required cash.

      • Coachsmills

        Congrats on the new kayak. I hope you enjoy yours as much as I’ve enjoyed mine. Good luck on Saturday.

  4. Gary

    I know this may sound dumb, but where can I get a pair of those red “pliers” that I see people using?

    • Coachsmills

      I’m assuming that you are talking about the Fish Grips? If so, I’ve seen them at Bass Pro, Academy, and other sporting goods stores. They also have a website at

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