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FishHide Sportswear Review


Like most anglers, when I choose my gear, there are several factors that influence my decision. When selecting lures I look at size, color, and action. When picking out a rod, I focus on the length, power, action, and components used to build it. If I’m looking at a new reel, I want something that is small and lightweight, with the ability to handle big redfish and function properly around saltwater. The same thought process occurs when I choose the clothes I fish in. Not only do I want them to last and look good, I want them to serve a purpose as well.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve purchased just about every “fishing shirt” out there with mixed feelings on each of them. A few months back, at the Houston Fishing Show, I was able to get my hands one of the FishHide Sportswear shirts that has quickly become my favorite shirt to wear while on the water. Photo Mar 01-310690043_829848303742347_2596004534882066710_nNot only is the shirt made from high quality material that will last for many years, it has several added features that most anglers will find useful.

The first thing most people will notice about this shirt, is the large strip of bright orange material located across back and under both sleeves. It’s no secret that hunters wear bright orange clothing to make themselves visible to other hunter’s while in the woods right? Well, the FishHide shirt does the same thing for anglers on the water. As boats travel at high speeds across the open bay, it can be difficult for them to see kayakers and wade fishermen that are in their path, especially in low light situations. With the FishHide shirt, you have the added protection of bright orange that is clearly visible to others. The large strip on the back of the shirt makes it easy for boats that are approaching from the rear to see you, while the strips under each sleeve become visible when you raise your arms above your head and wave them back and forth. As someone who spends the majority of his time paddling a kayak around the bay, visibility is very important to me.

Protection from the sun is another feature I look for in my shirts. For as long as I can remember, I have not been able to stand sunscreen. I don’t like the way it feels on my skin and I am constantly forgetting to reapply it every few hours. My lack of reapplying (or not applying in the first place) has left me with several bad sunburns over the year, which we all know can lead to skin cancer. My solution to this problem became long sleeve shirts made from quick drying micro mesh material that is breathable. This is the same material the FishHide company uses to make their shirts, so not only do I not have to worry about catching a sunburn, the material keeps me cool and dry the entire day, which is important here in Texas where temperatures reach the 100 degree mark on most summer days.

The neck, face, and hands are three other areas that seem to receive a lot of attention from the sun. Gloves and a buff are how the majority of anglers choose to solve this problem, which is the same method I use. An added bonus to FishHide shirts is that they come with a buff and set of gloves built in to the shirt. The buff is attached to the collar of the shirt, while the gloves are readily available because of a thumbhole at the end of each sleeve. These built in gloves are great for kayakers while paddling from spot to spot, and for anglers that want to protect the tops of their hands while fishing. The buff does a great job of protecting your neck since it is attached to the shirt. Being attached to the shirt helps to eliminate the small area at the bottom of your neck where a normal buff always seems to leave a small gap between it and your shirt. So if you always seem to realize that you left one, or both of these back at the truck shortly after launching, the FishHide shirt can provide you with an easy solution to your problem.

Each shirt also comes standard with two chest pockets that can be used to store a few items that you would like to have close by. Under the pocket on the right hand side of your chest, you’ll find a kill switch loop which can be useful to anglers that own a power boat. Inside that same pocket, you’ll find an attached piece of lens cloth that allows you to wipe away water, moisture, and smudges from your polarized sunglasses. While in relatively shallow water, the cloth stays dry throughout the day and is always within reach when you need to give your glasses or GoPro lens a good wipe down.

Shirts are available in a variety of sizes and colors as well. handsupRanging from small to XXXL, with over a dozen colors to choose from, anglers have plenty of options, including four camo patterns and nine solid colors.

These shirts provide anglers with a good combination of comfort, style, and safety while on the water and they are made to last. The additional features like the built in buff, gloves, and lens cloth eliminate the need to carry extra items, which gives you a few less things to worry about.

To see all available colors or to place an order, visit them online at

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July Marsh Fishing

Photo Jul 14, 7 16 53 AM

Marsh action this July has been pretty hot over the last few weeks.  Lots of reds have fallen victim to the MirrOlure She Dog in about 2 feet of water along grass lines and in the middle of the open lakes.  Color hasn’t seemed to matter much but I’ve been sticking with bone and chrome She Dog.  During the week leading up to and after the full moon we’ve been having much better luck making trips in the evening.  The fish seem to be feeding the last few hours before the sun goes down and the last few hours before the sun comes up.  Most morning trips were a grind with a few pods being spotted at first light but disappearing shortly afterwards.  The more aggressive bite seem to be lining up perfectly with the major bites times which has made planning trips pretty easy.  Now that the moon isn’t so big and bright I’m hoping the morning bite will pick back up.  Below are a few pics I haven’t really posted along with a short video.

Photo Jul 12, 11 59 20 AM Photo Jul 10, 11 23 48 PM




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