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7 Signs You’re “THAT Kayak Fisherman”


Here’s a good article written by Ben Duchesney over at Kayak Angler Magazine titled: 7 Signs You’re “THAT Kayak Fisherman”.  There is a short excerpt below with a link to the entire article at the end. Whether you’re new to kayak fishing or you’ve been doing it for years, this article is a good read.

7. Don’t Spoil The Newbies

As a general rule, most of the kayak anglers you’ll ever meet are some of the coolest people around, willing to give you the money lure right out of their tackle box, even if it’s their last one. But, every once in a while, you’re going to come across that guy who looks down on new kayak fishermen. News flash, if they are no new kayak fishermen, then there’s no growth, no new gear or new tournaments, no sport of kayak fishing.

The easiest way to not be that kayak fishermen is to just relax, have fun on the water, and be the best ambassador to our sport that you can be. If you see a young angler or an angler that is clearly struggling or very green to the world of kayak fishing, give them a hand. Help them tie their boats to their truck, give them that money lure, or just tell a joke and make them relax. Make sure you remind them, it’s all fun and games. Just don’t have this talk on the boat ramp.

This is an excerpt from the article “7 Signs You’re THAT Kayak Fisherman,” from Kayak Angler magazine’s website. Click here to read the full article

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Kayak Angler Magazine (Early Summer Edition)

KAM Shoot

If you receive Kayak Angler Magazine be sure to check out page 32 of the Early Summer Edition.  I had the opportunity to join Jeff Herman on a photo/video shoot for his article about towing a kayak.  I would tow him around while he would shoot photos and videos from multiple angles both in the kayak and from an old pier.  The photo above is the one used in the magazine and the video is listed below.

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