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Fishing Tackle Unlimited Demo Day


DSC_0093 copy

This past Saturday, Fishing Tackle Unlimited held its first demo day of the fall season at The Club at Riverstone, located in Sugarland, TX.  A little over 30o people showed up to paddle several different models of Jackson Kayaks including the Big Rig, Big Tuna, Cuda 14, Cuda LT, Coosa HD, and Kraken 15.5.  If you missed out on this one, there are two more events in October to take advantage of.  One on the 10th at Cross Creek Ranch in Fulshear and again on the 24th at Tuscan Lakes in League City.  For more information, visit the Fishing Tackle Unlimited web page.

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A New Baby and a Trip to the Marsh in the Jackson Kraken

Photo Apr 26, 3 23 55 PM

Since time to fish has been hard to come by, I’ve been trying to work on a few new things for the blog, but recently got a little sidetracked before finishing any of them up. My wife and I have been preparing for our second little girl to make an appearance on May 13th, but apparently she had plans of her own. We woke up around 5 am on April 30th and made a mad dash to the hospital to find out that she would have to be delivered that day. Four hours later she made an appearance (5 weeks early since her original due date was June 4th) and has been in the NICU for the past 10 days. Everything is fine with her; she just has to improve on her eating before they will release her to come home. We are very excited about the newest (and last edition) to our family, Samantha Rae Mills. Between her and my other daughter, a Jackson Big Tuna or maybe a couple of Cruise 10s might be in my future.

Photo May 05, 7 23 53 PM

A few weekends ago, Jackson Kayak teammate Michael Harris and I decided to try our luck at one of my favorite marshy areas. We had a small window of opportunity with an outgoing tide that would bottom out around 9 am which gave us about three hours of ideal sight casting conditions before the water would start pushing back in.  I picked up Aaron Ferguson’s Jackson Kraken for this trip to see how this offshore kayak would handle the skinny water and deep mud of the marsh.

Photo Apr 25

We launched before first light and made the short paddle to the area we planned to fish. We were floating through 6-8 inches of water, looking for signs of redfish when we came across a small flat with submerged grass. The area was about the size of a football field with plenty of active bait hiding among the vegetation. Large patches of underwater vegetation are great places for small shrimp and baitfish to seek refuge from predators, and the redfish knew that, and didn’t mind rooting around for them. I started off throwing a black and orange She Pup to avoid getting caught in the grass before spotting a group of a dozen tails about 30 yards away. I called Michael over and told him to put his fly rod to work.

Photo Apr 26, 7 13 51 AM


Once Michael arrived, I backed away and watched, as he calmly approached the school, taking his time before making a cast. The first cast fell a few feet short, but the next one was right on the money. A fish bolted from the school, his line went tight, and the 9-foot buggy whip bent over. After a solid 10-minute fight, the mid slot red gave in and the first fish of the day hit the deck of Michael’s Cuda 14. After a few quick photos, the red was released, and our search for the next fish continued.

Photo Apr 26, 7 19 55 AM

Micahel Harris on the fly

It didn’t take long before I spotted another (or the same) school of tails not far from the location of the first and made my way towards them. Michael had already landed him a fish, so now it was my turn. Throughout the month of April, I have gone with a Curl Tail Bugg on 90% of my trips with good results, and I wasn’t about to change things up. All the bait I’ve been seeing is still relatively tiny, so it only makes sense to continue matching the hatch.

Hot Pink Curl Tail Bugg

I fired my little Bugg out in front of the tails, let it sink for a few seconds, and gave it one little twitch. I felt that familiar thump, followed by a good amount of drag peeling, and set the hook. The school scattered and a few minutes later my fish hit the net. I figured I could hang around the grass and wait for the fish to regroup, but I really wanted to push back further in hopes of locating a few crawlers.

I’ve always enjoyed the challenge of convincing a redfish in really shallow water to eat. By shallow, I mean the ability to see their head, back, and tail as they crawl through 3-4 inches of water. Most people think this should be an easy task, when in reality; it can be the most difficult bite to obtain. Fish this shallow are on full alert and very spooky since they are completely exposed. To make a long story short, I spotted a dozen crawlers, got within casting distance of about 3, and only caught one, once again, on my Hot Pink Curl Tail Bugg.

Photo Apr 26, 5 07 37 PM

I look forward to the next 6 months of fishing. The marsh will remain full of reds, and they’ll be hitting everything from a topwater to a soft plastic. I’ll stick with my little Bugg for the rest of this month; however, a MirrOlure She Dog will be close by for that topwater itch I need to scratch.

I did receive a few nice packages in the mail from Jackson Kayak last week.  The first was my new 2015 Cuda 14 which I plan to do a full post about showing all of the improvements Jackson has made compared to my first Cuda, along with everything I love about this kayak.

Photo May 06, 4 31 04 PM

The other package was a new team shirt and hat that will be nice to wear during tournaments, demo days, and fishing shows.

Photo May 08, 8 03 20 AM

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Busy Busy Busy

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and even longer since my last fishing trip.  I’m ready for this cold stuff to get out of here so that I can get a little time on the water before the newest addition of my family arrives around mid May.  I’ve been busy with fishing stuff, despite my lack of posting lately.  I’m going to make up for it right now with a long one.

Photo Mar 01-4

First off, I’m pleased to announce that I will be contributing an Upper Texas Marsh Report to Saltwater Angler Magazine.  The magazine is free and available online at or you can pick up paper copies at various tackle stores along the Texas coast.  The magazine comes out every 2 weeks so reports and information will be from recent trips.

This past weekend the Houston Fishing Show was held at the George R. Brown Convention Center where a few hundred retailers set up booths to show case their various products to several thousand people over a five day period.  I spent all day Saturday and Sunday running between The Hook Spit booth and Fishing Tackle Unlimited.  Most of my time on Saturday was spent with Hook Spit informing customers about their various rods, shirts, hats, reels, lures, and everything else you can think of as far as fishing goes.

On Sunday I spent all day at the Fishing Tackle Unlimited booth with Jackson Kayak teammate Michael Harris.  We took turns walking people through the Cuda 12, Cuda 14, Big Rig, Big Tuna, Kraken, and Coosa HD.  The Jackson line of kayaks was a big hit and several kayaks were sold throughout the week.


Photo Mar 01-5


I had a great time at the fishing show and enjoyed getting to meet and chat with members from Texas Kayak Fisherman.  Often times we read each others post and communicate through the forum, but never have a chance to actually meet in person.  Lots of friends were working other booths or roaming around so it was good to see them as well.

Surprisingly I left the show without spending a ton of money.  I picked up a couple packs of Reelem in Lures and can’t wait to give them a try.  They are made by a local man from Santa Fe and are a very interesting looking baitfish soft plastic that I’m curious to check out.

Photo Mar 01-6

I also came home with a new shirt from the guys over at FishHide Sportswear.  My buddy Jared has been wearing these shirts since I met him and he really likes them.  Not only are they comfortable, they have some amazing features like a built in buff, thumb holes in the sleeves that turn into gloves, two front pockets, and plenty of orange to help alert boaters of your presence while in the kayak or during a quick wade.  I’ll be wearing it on my next trip (whenever that is) to see how it does on the water.  You can check them out at and see a couple pictures of the shirt I picked up below.

Photo Mar 01-3



Going back to the fishing show, one of the exciting parts about working the Hook Spit booth was the debut of the new Tempest Series of rods.  Wade did a pretty good job of keeping them a secret until the show which means I haven’t even had a chance to use them. They start with a 43 million module blank, which is the same as their higher end rods, and add a split reel seat with double locking nuts that allow you complete access to the blank while holding the rod.  They then add Alps stainless steel guides and a split grip cork handle and come in three different lengths (6′ 6″, 6′ 9″, and 6′ 10″) and several different actions.  The cost of each is $169 which will allow all anglers to purchase a high end rod at a lower price than most other brands.  You can check them out by dropping by the Hook Spit store the next time you’re around League City, TX.

Photo Feb 27-4

Photo Feb 27


Photo Feb 27-3

The last bit of news involves my kayak.  My uncle has decided to purchase my old yellow jacket Cuda which will allow me to pick up a brand new 2015 model of the Jackson Cuda 14.  I purchased my first Cuda in 2012 shortly after Jackson released them so I’m excited to be getting a new one with all of the upgrades they’ve made over the years.  I went with Sexy Shad as my color and should be receiving it at the beginning of April, just in time for the first Lone Star Kayak Series event of the year. Over the last four years that kayak has helped me catch a lot of fish, win several trophies, and paid for itself a few times over with tournament cash.




Spring is just around the corner so hopefully I’ll have a few reports, pictures, videos, and other things to post soon. Hopefully the weather over my spring break is nice and sunny with high temps and low winds.

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