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West Houston Kayak Club Presentation


Photo Credit: Robin Janson


This past Tuesday I had the honor of speaking to the West Houston Kayak Club about my favorite redfish lures.  The meeting was held in the banquet room at Spring Creek BBQ in Katy, TX where the club was having their second meeting since forming a few months back.  In January, a meet and greet was held to get to know one another and discuss the future of the club with interested members.


Photo Credit: Robin Janson


I assumed around 30-35 people might attend the meeting to see me speak since 15 had attended the first meeting.  You can imagine my surprise when the banquet room with a capacity of 65 people was completely full, forcing about a dozen people to stand on the back wall.  I was completely shocked to see that 78 people had made the long drive through Houston traffic to hear me speak and I enjoyed every minute of it.


Photo Credit: Robin Janson


The presentation started off with me introducing myself to the group and then telling them a little about myself.  I showed them a few examples of the different types of structure I fish on google earth before moving on to the lures, where I explained when and why I use them.  After discussing a lure, I would show video footage of me catching a few fish on each of them, while walking everyone through each hookup.

At the end of the night, the club had a drawing where they gave away and Igloo Marine Cooler, a few bottles of Pro-Cure, and a large gift basket full of soft plastics.  I was also able to give away two each of the Hydra Buggs, Beastie Buggs, Curl Tail Jigs, and a new Buggs Gator Trout shirt that Buggs owner Heath Hippel had sent me.


Photo Credit: Robin Janson


It was a fun night and I hope everyone that attended went home with a little more knowledge than they came with.  Adam and Scott have big plans for this group and I look forward to seeing them continue to grow.  Their club will meet on the 2nd Tuesday each month at the Spring Creek BBQ in Katy, TX and anyone that would like to attend is welcome.  They will have a speaker each month with Bill Bragman  and Andrew Moczygemba of Yak Gear and Railblaza USA presenting at the March meeting.


Photo Credit: Robin Janson


I had planned to try and video the presentation for those who were not able to attend but we had to turn off most of the lights in order to see the projector on the screen.  I will try to create a video with a voice over while the slides and videos are shown but it will probably take me some time.  The presentation was about an hour long so I will have to find time to sit down and recreate everything I had talked about.


Photo Credit: Robin Janson


I know its a long ways off, but I have already been invited to speak again at the PACK meeting here in Houston on September 15th.  The topic I’m leaning toward is “Signs of Redfish in the Marsh” where I’ll focus on discussing the ways redfish give themselves away in shallow water.  

If you’re reading this post and attended the meeting the other night, then thank you for taking the time out of your day to come and listen.  Thanks to Adam and Scott for allowing me to speak, Heath Hippel for the Buggs, and Robin Janson of Kadien Photography for capturing a few pictures.

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West Houston Kayak Club-TKF Speaking

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 4.39.48 PM


If you live in the Houston area and would like to hear me talk about catching redfish, I’ll be speaking to the West Houston Kayak Club on February 10th. The meeting will take place at Midway BBQ in Kay, TX in the large meeting room from 6:30 to 8:00. The topic will be “Redfish Lures: When and Where to Throw Them”. I’ll be focusing on my favorite lures for redfish and explaining certain situations where I like to use each of them along with the reasons why. I have a 32 page PowerPoint presnetation full of pictures, videos, and helpful information from my experiences on the water over the years. Grab a friend, come enjoy some good BBQ, and talk fishing with me for an hour.


Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 12.49.17 PM

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