Hook Spit Lone Star Kayak Series

If you live in the state of Texas and have been thinking about participating in a kayak fishing tournament, then look no further. With three successful seasons under its belt, the Hook Spit Lone Star Kayak Series will kick off the 2015 season on April 18th. This kayak only redfish tournament gives anglers across the lone star state a chance to compete against one another in a tournament that is competitive, fun, and friendly.

Based out of Galveston, TX, the LSKS brings anglers from all over the state together to compete against one another four times a year. sponsorsReasonably priced at $65 per event with no captains meeting, anglers simply register online and launch their kayaks at 6:00 am from any publicly accessible launch site between the Sabine and Colorado River the morning of the tournament. Cash payout goes to the top 25% of the field meaning one in four anglers will be going home with cash and prizes from great sponsors like Hook Spit Performance Rods, Werner Paddles, Bass Assassin Lures, and Yak Gear just to name a few. The weigh-in takes place at Louis Bait Camp in Hitchcock, TX where anglers weigh their fish, enjoy free beer supplied by Southern Star Brewery (another sponsor), and share their fish stories about the one that got away. Anglers earn points at each of the four events throughout the season to crown an angler of the year at the final event in October. The 2015 angler of the year will be taking home a new kayak donated by Viking Kayaks along with other great cash and prizes.


Since its inaugural season back in 2012, the LSKS has become one of the top kayak fishing tournaments in the state. Last April, ninety-one anglers registered for the first event of the season leaving no doubt that hitting triple digits at some point this year is not farfetched. The average number of participants per event has continued to climb over the past three years progressing from 57 to 74 to 78.5 anglers this past season. Although still more than three months away from the first event of 2015, recent chatter around local fishing forums and other social media channels is showing an increase in interest from anglers that are new to tournament fishing. For a variety of reasons, the LSKS is a great event for anglers to make their tournament debut.

When I first started fishing the event, I was new to kayak fishing and only knew of one location where I could consistently catch a couple redfish. Werner Paddle Donation to HOWEven though they were mostly lower slot, I was content with the fish I was catching and never felt it necessary to try new spots. It didn’t take long for me to realize that if I wanted to be an actual competitor in the series that I would have to gain more knowledge and explore new areas in search of larger fish. Over the next couple events everything seemed to fall into place. I had discovered several new areas to fish and started noticing and learning more about a redfish’s behavior based on location and structure in an area. Over the next several months, the length, weight, and number of fish I caught began to increase. By the end of the first season I had improved from 7.43 lbs. at the first event, to 12.00 lbs. at the last event, ending my season with a 5th place finish. The following year I took home a first place trophy brining in 14.78 lbs. to the 2nd event of the season. The desire to improve and become a better tournament angler was a driving force in making me leave the comfort of the first marsh I had discovered and search for newer ones with a better quality of fish.

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The LSKS is also responsible for introducing me to 90% of the people I fish with and consider good friends. The weigh-in basically becomes a three hour meet and greet with more than fifty anglers from across the state sharing stories, putting names with faces, and planning future trips together. Off the top of my head, I can name more than 20 anglers that I have fished with over the last three years that I had never met before the tournament began. Kayak fishing is fun, but it’s even more fun when good friends are involved.

As the sport of kayak fishing continues to grow in popularity, more and more anglers are discovering that gaining knowledge and experience in a tournament setting can be both fun and rewarding. With the added sponsors and increase in prizes and participants, the 2015 season of the Lone Star Kayak Series is looking like it will be the biggest and best so far. To register or see a full list of rules, pictures, or past results visit http://www.lonestarkayakseries.com


Lone Star Kayak Series Fun Facts


  • Out of the 12 events so far, 10 different anglers have won an event
  • $1 per registered angler is donated to Heroes on the Water
  • The April 2012 event was won by a first time tournament angler
  • A ½ lb. bonus is awarded to anglers for bringing in at least one live fish
  • We have anglers that drive in from all over the state including Dallas, Austin, Corpus Christi, etc.
  • Free beer at the weigh-in!
  • 25% of the field wins cash and prizes
  • 1st – 3rd take home trophies
  • LSKS is active on social media

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